Monday, September 12, 2016

Junkin' and the Mayfield Creamery

This summer, Mama and Daddy had a yard sale to clean out their old house. Mama said that any money we raised would go toward a family trip. We all planned to visit Stone Mountain and the Georgia Aquarium. The day before, however, Justin, Wy, G, and I headed north and stopped to visit a weekend junking store I have been DYING to go to. It did not disappoint. I managed to snag a galvanized tub for my future plants.

After we got done junking, we realized we were right up the road from the Mayfield Creamery. We couldn't resist a tour and a free ice cream. It was really neat to see the facility. We got some delicious ice cream even before lunch time! Wyatt had a contest at school to bring their "Quarter Size Quaver" music man printable to really neat destinations so of course we had to snap our pictures with him all over the factory.

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