Monday, November 25, 2013

November happenings

November is here and there are crunch leaves all over the place. Wyatt especially likes crunching through all of them.
I love the South Georgia sunsets I catch on my way home from work. This was a north-bound freight train on my way home on Highway 41 one day.
My sisters, SIL, Mama, MIL, niece Rivers, and Wyatt spent a few hours making homemade pasta and ravioli. We had a blast. Sami put up a little video of it here.
IMG_2469 IMG_2468 IMG_2467 IMG_2466
Of course, Wyatt had to take a nap with Pop after all of that hard work.
It’s a great time to snuggle up by the fireplace at Grandma and Pa’s too!
IMG_2398 IMG_2390IMG_2388
So glad Justin killed a deer. He actually got a doe and a buck on the same day. This one is getting mounted and put up in his man cave.

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