Thursday, May 16, 2013

May Miscellany

Sami got some great shots of Jake, Ben, and Rivers at Wyatt’s birthday party. I hope she can use this quiet little waterfall for some more family shots. It was a great location!
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The same afternoon of Wyatt’s birthday party, the church hosted a bridal shower for Suzi. She got so many nice gifts to make her and David’s house a home. All pics from Sami of course.

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Wyatt even stepped up to learn a few tricks of the trade.
I got this cute bulldog statue on my way back from Athens last week. Wyatt thinks it’s like a horse and he can ride it.
  IMG_5417  IMG_5429
Somewhere amid all of the chaos, Justin managed to pick up this beautiful pair of earrings for me for my 27th (!!!) birthday. 30 is coming up quickly for me!
Saw this funny sign at a sporting goods store:
We were coming out of Wally World and saw a vehicle with a Hawaii tag on it. It just killed Justin to know how they got it over to the main land. Luckily for him and embarrassingly for me, the owners were getting into it when we were coming out of the store. He just HAD to stop and as. Turns out they are in the military and had it brought over when they moved.
My in-laws got me a pink pistol grip for my birthday. I am usually opposed to pink gun stuff because if I have to pull it out, I want folks to know I mean business. This is really nice though. It gives me a much secure grip.
A new cupcake shop opened in Tifton on my birthday and I just happened to be right next door getting my nails done and couldn’t resist some birthday cupcakes. I got a red velvet, Reese cup, salted caramel, and a maple bacon. They were all delicious. I was glad they didn’t have TOO much icing like Gigi’s in Savannah tends to have.
IMG_5690 IMG_5692
While we were in Savannah, I stopped at Harbor Freight to pick up a set of metal stamps. I have been wanting a set to make stamped washer necklaces and penny key chains. Next task is to find something to make holes in the pennies to put them on my key chain. I want to have a penny for each of our birth years.

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