Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kiddo Tags

I ordered these adorable stickers for Wyatt’s bottles, {future} sippy cups, medicine, pacifiers, etc. from Kiddo Tags and they are pretty awesome. They are waterproof and are semi-permanent. The packaging gives a warning that they are not made to be dishwasher safe and will fade over time, but I think I might take my chances when it comes to washing a hundred sippy cups one day.


I have signed up to be an affiliate, so I get compensated if you purchase them from my link, but they really are great. I would definitely recommend them even if I wasn’t being compensated (I promise!).

I am going to place another order soon for their shoe dots and iron-on labels. These will be great for receiving blankets and sheets for Wyatt’s daycare.

For anyone who is interested, use the coupon code “REFERRAL” when you check out for an extra 20% off too!

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