Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Beach Fun

My parents have a two-bedroom condo in Ormond Beach and invited Justin, Wyatt and I to stay with them the week of the 4th of July. We had a blast and can’t wait until Wyatt is really old enough to enjoy all of the sand, sun and fun!


Wyatt got the best view in the house! He got to swing contently while overlooking the beach.

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Justin, Daddy and I took an airboat ride and saw tons of alligators on the St. Johns River.

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Mimi and Pop (my mama and daddy) doted on Wyatt for a few hours while Justin and I went on our first date post-baby. It was a disaster. We ended up waiting an hour for warm {should have been cold and raw} oysters and still-raw {should have been fried to perfection} hush puppies. That was just the appetizer! Needless to say, we left with no dinner but we were able to spend some much-needed quality time together. 264922_985948304861_33002761_43039438_7810266_n 

I loved taking Wyatt out on the beach to watch the sunset in the morning. He wanted to be up at 6:00 but everyone else wanted to sleep in. It gave us a great time to bond.

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Our little water baby was so tired that he often spent a good deal of time snoozing away in his little beach cabana. He will be like a little fish this time next year!

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