Monday, May 2, 2011

A Quick Bathroom Update

My SIL suggested that with Wyatt coming pretty soon, we might want to trade out our glass shower doors for a shower curtain. That way I wouldn’t have to lean over metal tracks and I can have easier access to him in the tub.

Yesterday, Justin and I stopped at Wally World and picked up a white waffle weave curtain and liner and decided to try it out. We liked what we saw and decided to go ahead and commit.

We pulled out the crusty, never-clean, gross tracks and scraped and cleaned the grout for a good thirty minutes. Here is the finished result. I like the crispness of the white. Next on my list: new crisp white rugs to replace our discolored mismatching ones!

Here is a quick timeline. The first picture is before we moved in. The second is after a quick bathroom revamp about two and half years ago and the third is from this weekend. Baby steps are just the trick in our house!

101_1136 100_48182 photo2

If I had thought about having side-by-side comparisons, I would have made sure the pics were lined up. The green tinge in the last picture is from our newly repainted hallway that you can see better from this view.


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