Monday, November 2, 2009

All Hallows’ Eve!

We had a blast at La Casa de Cook for Halloween this Saturday. Here are a few pics from the festivities (I apologize…they’re from my camera phone):
1031091038 1031091049 1031090947
Skie really doesn’t do this well with dressing up…I had to balance a treat on top of the camera to get her to sit still. She wore a cheap vampire cape I picked up on a whim at Dollar Tree, a set of devil horns from my sister’s costume, and a witch’s hat headband I picked up at my favorite country store: Calhoun Produce.100_4490
We had some devilish spider-covered eggs.
Some mummy hot dogs.100_4492
Nutter Butter ghosts.
This is my baby sister and me. I was Wilma Flintstone and she was a geisha.
Don’t I have the most adorable nephews and niece ever? I have to brag because they’re mine. :) The boys were firefighters like their Uncle Justin and Rivers, my niece was a princess (as always).
100_4516 100_4519 
Justin wasn’t as enthusiastic about Halloween as I was…he did manage to throw on an old afro wig and stick a crow in that mess :) Lori, my best friend, sampled the candy apples with her shirt proclaiming, “This IS my costume.” Party poopers…we had a blast anyway!

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