Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wedding fun!

The past two weekends, I headed back to Statesboro, my home for four years during college, for my roommate's bachelorette party and wedding to the man of her dreams. I had a blast! It was great to see everyone again and everything turned out so beautifully!
The bachelorette with her crown!
My sister caught the bouquet...but she's got a few more years of college to get throught first!
I think this is my favorite picture from the whole day...Erica was absolutely beaming and she sure wasn't afraid of getting up on that chair!
Their favors were awesome! Erica made them herself. They're white chocolate covered Oreos with their last initial on top and they taste JUST like Hershey's Cookies n Cream bars (which happen to be my favorite)!
My roommate Amanda is the best! We lived together for all four years of college after being randomly matched through the dorm computer system. I got so lucky!
The four roomies! Emily (polka dotted dress & MOH) and Erica (bride) are fraternal twins.
For Father's Day, I made my dad a cake with a picture (if you could call it that) of his two-seater airplane. He got his pilot's license last year and absolutely loves it!

Here are some random pics I have taken around the house too:

I made stuffed bell peppers for supper last night with fresh-out-of-the-field peppers from work! YUM!

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